Manufacture of cable sets and wiring systems



Lapp Connecto develops its operations and network continuously. Our designs are always created in collaboration with the customer. Lapp Connecto is a company that grows with its customers and their needs. We excel in change management and flexibility is our default mode of operation.

Our manufacture of cable sets and wiring systems is based on superb design expertise, in-depth knowledge of components and our ability to gain maximum leverage from our production technology. Lapp Connecto is an expert producer of cable sets for massive utility vehicles and elevators as well as advanced miniature wiring systems for the electronics industry, and more.

Our service includes automatic cutting, crimping and marking of cables and wires with modern tools. The quality of the end product is always verified as specified by the customer. We can also deliver wiring systems as part of a larger delivery. Some examples of such deliveries are various control centres or other electrical assemblies or devices.

Our own production plants are located in Hyvinkää, Vieremä and Poland. We also have subcontractor manufacturers in Estonia.