Compact busbars


Compact busbars have low impedance and a sandwich structure. Our range of compact busbar spans from 500 A to 6300 A rated current with aluminium or copper conductors. The busbars can have 4 or 5 poles and they are versatile and look good.

Compact busbars can be used, for example, as a busbars between a transformer and a main switchboard, between distribution boards or as trunking busbars in riser or transmission networks. The busbars can also be used for feeding our MJ, JL and TJ busbars. The applications include data centres, hospitals, factories and business, office and industrial buildings.

Thanks to their compact design, the busbars have high short circuit withstand, and the strength of the electromagnetic field surrounding them is very low. The connection technology is simple, so the busbar is light and easy to install. The compact design takes up little space and is suitable for cramped locations as well. Standard enclosure rating IP 55, and for customized solutions IP67.

The busbars can be equipped with tap-off unit on both sides of the busbar. A large number of different tap-off's can be connected to the busbar outlet. The busbar delivery options are a turnkey delivery, installation on site or material delivery.

Compact busbar brochure (pdf)