Wiring systems


A supply chain expert at your disposal!

With our four production plants and global LAPP, we can create a common strategic path to success together with our customers. As a supply chain expert we take the drivers seat so our customers can focus on their core competencies.

Ownership of the whole supply chain management includes:

✅ Code of conduct
✅ Quality programs
✅ Control of other KPIs
✅ Digitalization
✅ Sustainability


Subcontracting expertise is our bread and butter. Did you know that we are supported by several units in the LAPP network in Europe with countless superpowers? When you want to focus on your core competences, contact us and let our superpowers do the work for you.

We manufacture cable sets and wiring systems for demanding industrial applications. Our manufacturing operations are based on superb design expertise, in-depth knowledge of components and our ability to gain maximum leverage from our production technology.

For example, we are experts in producing cable sets for massive utility vehicles and elevators as well as advanced wiring systems for the electronics industry. For our customers our ÖC Cluster network serving globally around the world.

To learn more, please take a look at our products and services and contact our sales for more information!

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Key Account Manager
Saku Mitrunen
p. +358 20 764 8388
m. +358 40 552 6123


Key Account Manager
Pasi Vesterinen
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Key Account Manager
Antti Rajalahti
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Key Account Manager
Ari Reinikainen
p. +358 20 764 7421
m. +358 400 167 647

Puola / Poland


Key Account Manager
Arkadiusz Abryszewski
p. +48 501 024 252

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Sales Support Specialist
Mateusz Zawadzki
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