Welcome to the LAPP family Mariusz Tamowicz

Mariusz is already a fully-schooled ice swimmer!

Mariusz is already a fully-schooled ice swimmer!

The Polish plant's newly appointed Production Manager is Mariusz Tamowicz. Our team is excited to welcome him as the latest member of our family and we are looking forward to his contributions to our Polish production capacity. Here are 3 easy questions that will help you get to know Mariusz better. He tells us which song is his favorite for karaoke and what he expects to gain from his upcoming role in the company.

In your new role at Lapp Connecto, what are the expectations you have for yourself?

My goal for this job is to meet interesting people, work in a pleasant environment, be involved in many ambitious and interesting projects, and be able to achieve my goals in order to be successful.

What is one of your superpowers that you would like to share with us (at work or in your free time)?

One of my superpowers is the ability to create a team that I can lead. As a superpower, I will also have the ability to adjust to change, to be a continuous learner, and to be determined to achieve goals.

In my free time, persistence and consequences of it are two of the most significant superpowers that I have. During my training in martial arts, I've learned that regularity is the key to achieving perfection, and that's what makes training so worthwhile. Everything else is just a matter of relaxing and enjoying every free moment you have.

What is your go-to karaoke song?
One of my favourite songs to sing at karaoke is Over the Rainbow :)

We are very happy to welcome Mariusz to our team!