Visitors from our local highs school on Entrepreneurship Day!


We had some extra special guests yesterday when a group of high school students visited our Poland location on Entrepreneurship Day.

Asia and Ewa showed Weronika, Filip, Mateusz and Mios a wide variety of our operations. This was a great way to bring parents and their children closer together, and to show the students the value of their parents' efforts in their workplace. Additionally, the students were able to gain a better understanding of our location and the production process. We hope they enjoyed their visit and that they gained some useful insights. We look forward to having them back soon.

We are more than happy to provide tours of our facility to any interested schools. We hope to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and entrepreneurs. If you would like to visit our factory with your school, please contact our HR department Mrs. Katarzyna Żebrowska. We look forward to hearing from you!

HR Manager
Katarzyna Żebrowska
katarzyna.zebrowska at

p. +56 642 51 55