Production plants

Lapp Connecto Hyvinkää

Lapp Connecto Hyvinkää

The production plant will always be selected on the basis of what is best for the customer.

The production location will always be selected in collaboration with the customer, depending on the request for quotation and batch size. Another factor affecting the choice of location is the production technology. We also offer storage services for completed products. Our production plants are located in Hyvinkää and Vieremä in Finland and Grudziądz in Poland.

The 7,200 m2 plant in Hyvinkää is where we manufacture tailored electrical assemblies that require special expertise (terminal block distribution boards, control desks, etc.) and customer-specific cable sets. In addition, all busbars, bus ducts and current collectors are manufactured in Hyvinkää. Customer prototypes can also be manufactured in Hyvinkää before mass production is started.

The Vieremä factory houses modern equipment and over 2,400 m2 of production floor to serve our Finnish customers. This plant produces wiring systems and tailored electrical assemblies. The strengths of this production unit lie in its rapid ability to react to the needs of Finnish customers.

High-volume mass production of wiring systems and cable sets takes place in Poland. Moreover, the factory manufactures standard distribution boards. The production floor area is over 4,000 m2 with a diverse equipment base. 

In addition, we use a subcontractor in Estonia for the manufacture of some of our wiring systems and cable sets.

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