TJ trunking busbars and TUX tap-off units


TJ trunking busbars are a versatile and visually pleasing solution for locations that need flexible and reconfigurable electrical installations, such as walls or ceilings or the space under a raised floor. Applications include data centres, electronics and IT industry, workshops, laboratories, assembly industry, offices and schools.

The range consists of 80 A and 125 A busbars and plug-in tap offs with a rated current from 6 to 63 A.

TJ trunking busbars are enclosed in extruded aluminium profile.

The nonflammable cover is made of thermoplastic polyester reinforced with glass fibre (UL-94, category V-O). Current tap-offs are located at 0.33 metre intervals on the cover of the busbar element. The trunking busbar system has 5 poles: N, L1, L2, L3 and PE.

Installation is easy and quick, resulting in a trunking system that is flexible, re-configurable and retains its value. The TJ trunking busbar system can be equipped with mechanical interlocks that prevent erroneous cross-connections of current tapp-offs, belonging to different systems - for example 400 V 50 Hz / 48 VDC.


TUX tap-off units

TUX tap offs for TJ trunking busbars are rated and equipped according to the customer’s needs. The available current ratings are 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32 or 63 A. The tap offs can be equipped with various accessories, such as circuit breakers, switches, on/off switches, outlets, kWh meters, residual current devices, cable glands, cables, extension cords, conductors, etc.
Determining the equipment for the sockets is quick and easy – just use the rating table. All current tap-offs are manufactured in Hyvinkää, Finland.